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February 01, 2011


shirley white

Thanks! Now I won't have to purchase it!
Once a scientist, always a scientist.


You're still a real scientist in my book!!

And an absolute maven of the masculine version regarding history!!

Irene Black

Durn, it makes me feel good when other people agree with me about a review.
Looks good when it appears in the right place.

john harper

as a british [white] born n bred in yorkshire, his remarks are so stupid,he must be a brain dead idiot
look at the people that were killed that died for texas,not slavery. i think my g/g/g/ uncle was there

Dac Crossley Jr.

Thanks, Celia, glad you enjoyed Escape.I posted a review of Tuckers book on Amazon - he already had a bunch - I think Im the only one so far to rate him as one star..


Celia Yeary

Get a rope!
Well, I'm just spittin' mad how dare he?
It'sdownright silly, and I'm sure he'd become outraged if someone told him that. He may be one of those people though who thrives on controversy, especially anything negative toward him. Then he can use his mighty pen--computer--to set us all straight.
And in case I haven't said it enough, your Escape from the Alamo was great! Very entertaining read, and isn't that why most of us read? We'll leave the serious stuff to others. Celia

Janice Pulliam

This one got me laughing. You're hilarious and you make your points well. Huzzah!

Mike Long

Great review. Maybe the title should be Escapism at the Alamo, or perhaps Exodus From Reality.

ira guy

"Politically correct doesn’t make it really correct, does it?"...Love it

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