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January 01, 2011


Donna McGinty

Good luck, Dac! You can do it--make it to April with goals accomplished.

Mike Long

Solid advice.I hope to finish my sequel this quarter, but I'm not confidant since I got so little done in my first year of retirement-maybe 25 pages. Most of my time went to marketing the first book, but I think I'll let that simmer now. I did contact Dog Ear Books and they've taken five books on consignment-thanks for the idea. May even invite me for a signing. Have you looked into the Booth Western Museum, Cartersville, Ga? I think they're going to stock some of mine too. Still haven't decided on the WWA trip. You?

Janice Pulliam

OOPS, I just realized you mean 20,000 words in 90 days, which would be about a page a day. Sorry!

Janice Pulliam

How do you ever fit 20,000 words on one page? Well, more power to you.

And I feel like Celia, there are so many things I should be doing that if I resolve to do them all and take it seriously I will be overwhelmed and depressed and thus surely fail. I like to think that in general I will try to be a better person each year. But this year I HAVE to lose some weight. Let me know when you lose those 10 pounds, and I'll let you know when I lose my 10 lbs. Deal?


My last new year's resolution was to make no more new year's resolutions. Best one I ever made!

Jan Okey

Happy 1-1-11 Dac: The idea of looking back at all the good things in the year gone
by is great. I can do that. Much success with your goals for the next 90 days. There are
other ways of losing weight beside getting
sick. Live in the moment...appreciate each
and every thing. You are a bright spot. Take
care. Jan

Lauro F. Cavazos

DAC, Happy New Year to you. I marvel how the year slips by so quickly. I do not make resolutions--I just enjoy each day as it comes and give thanks for so many blessings that come my way. Larry

Celia Yeary

HAPPY NEW YEAR, DAC. I like your idea of the 90-day plan. Me? I never make resolutions at all. There would be so many, I'd feel overwhelmed. So...just take one day at a time--with a vague outline in mind.I'm very pleased to become acquainted with you this past year. You are a joy and a ray of sunshine. Take good care of yourself--Celia

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