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September 18, 2010


Nike Shox Rivalry

The weather is changeable, invariable forever forever love, let light wind is brushed, warm sunshine exhaustion of you pass my sincere blessings every day happy, concomitant! Through the happiness!

Becky Ball

I look forward to an autographed copy to add to my collection!

TA Powell

They say an author isn't an author until he is published. But they never said by who! If you have something of worth to share- do so. A reader isn't interested in your royalties- he's interested in the story you have to tell. It is the duty of the author to write a compelling story... not to argue with economics of traditional houses who are only interested in the bottom line, another vampire trilogy or another Harry Potter. Keep your voice independent and publish so that others might hear it!
Kudos to you...

Harriette Ausstin

At Last!
Have waited a long time for Possum to
join us.
Look forward to being in his company again.


Cool beans!! I love Possum!! And we all know there are secrets about the Alamo that no one tells... can't wait to see them in print.

Celia Yeary

Hi, Dac, and I congratulate you on your decision to self-publish. While I am too chicken and too traditional to go any other route, I am "in" with a group of romance authors who all self-publish. They're trying to further the term "Indie Authors", or "Independent Authors". You might not believe just how big this movement is! See you e-mail for more. Celia

Lauro F. Cavazzos

I look forward to reading your latest book. Let me know when it is published. Take care, Larry

Ed Underwood

Congratulations, Dac.
Let me know when you have the first book signing.

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