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April 11, 2010


Mike D.

Sometimes the young kids are idiots....although I learned about "Victory Gardens" somewhere along the line, when I began reading this post, what came to my mind was the Public Television show of the same name. That's my victory "peacetime" Victory Garden...I grew up with Sesame Street in the 1970's after all. I was practically raised by Public Television (I think it shows).


you yard looks very nice to me. Very natural looking.
At least you still have a good number of trees on your lot. Some of our neighbors have cut most of thiers down. Now that looks awful in my opinion.


After 60 years now I know why sugar was rationed. Glad I lived this long to find out about the sugar. All these years I thought the soldiers liked cookies... Remember the big letters on the windshields? My mother was a country school teacher so we had a "good" letter but I have no idea what the letters were for - but we could buy gas and tires or something.

Teresa Bacon

My mother always has had a garden but the genes mutated and I didn't get the green thumb. She was raised in Ky, and to this day a summer dinner might consist of a fresh veggie plate and fried chicken, I love that I had the benifit of family with gardening skill. I love tomatoes and look forward to tomatoe sandwiches yumm.

Dac Crossley Jr.

Thanks, Shirley.

shirley white

OK, Here is what Mark said: Burnt Sugar was the best source of pure carbon we had. It is the base for all explosives. We had many tons of sugar. Also the cooking fat we turned in was used to make glycerine for TNT. I am glad to have such a smart Brother In Law! shirley


I like Dac's peppers! Great for making hot pepper sauce...

I have two tiny 3x3 raised garden beds and one of those hingy-upside down thingies for tomatoes (which didn't really like it.

But I want to be a good gardener so badly!

Lance Barron

Yes, a very good one, Dac.

Yes, Shirley, I share your ignorance. What were they using it for?

I really like growing peppers. Cowhorn, bannana, habenero, cayenne, and bell of course, and some others.

Genie Bernstein


shirley white

Yea, DAC, this is a really good one!! Mark and I were talking just the other day about WW11 and I happened to ask why sugar was rationed. He knew , of course, but I had no idea what they were using it for! Does anyone share my ignorance?? shirley

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