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April 05, 2010



I'm torn between the "fantasy" of the wild west, and the probable reality of it. Chances are, it wasn't nearly as violent as Hollywood makes it look, but finding out that it was pretty, well, boring, kind of takes a lot of the fun out of it.

Liz M.

Was it aces and eights - dead man's hand? Does that qualify me as an oldtimer if I'm right?

Mike D.

Hey Dac,

I've often contemplated the issue of "what should we think about the old west?" And of course its complicated, just like us.

I was in Lincoln New Mexico last year during Billy the Kid Days. The thing that struck me was how unglamorous the "Lincoln County War" was. Basically, it was a gang war between two groups of grocers over control of the General Store business in the area. Within a few years of their arrival in Lincoln, all the major players were dead. Two of the grocer's graves are behind the store. It really gives you pause.

Lincoln County is a wonderful place, and the history of its settlement is endlessly fascinating to me (partly because its still happening). But I'm having a hard time putting a romantic spin on that dirty little "war". And Billy the Kid was a sociopath as far as I can tell. I say, write about him, yes, but don't trick people into thinking he was a good guy.

ira guy

Speaking of "getting shot" I got mine today( shingles vaccination....only $162.94 at Kroger)....see... you can be a positive influence on people!!!


thanks DAC for putting the facts behind the myths about myths about the Old West.

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