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April 26, 2010


luella B Wheeler

I fly my Texas flag all of March and April and encourage my five kids to do the same. However, sees each generation looses some loyalty to Texas History. To his credit, my Waco son flies his Texas flag year round as well as the US flag.

Luella B. Wheeler, Waco, Texas

Dac Crossley

Judy -- The Texas Army retreated all the way from Gonzalez -- on the run -- Houston's officers and men encouraged him to fight. He offered no explanation -- just continued the retreat.
Yes, I understand Texas History--learned at my mother's knee and from the Texas History Movies.
Take a look at Steven Moore's latest book.

-- Dac

Celia Yeary

I love this story of Sam Houston and San Jacinto Day. Here in Central Texas, little is made of the day anymore--maybe it's celebrated more in other parts of the state. But since San Marcos is so close, you'd think we would. As a DRT member, I fly the flag on appropriate days, and I dare say neighbors driving down our country road might wonder--"why does she have the flag out this time?"
I've read accounts of Houston's actions such as you wrote about, but I can't remember where. Back to my Texas Handbook. Celia

Judy Gunn

I've never read that Houston was going to escape, or that his officers thought him to be afraid.... what's your source? Do you understand the Texas geography involved in the three battles? Goliad, Alamo, and San Jacinto and how the third battle came to happen where it did?

Judy Gunn

Houston didn't retreat...the Texans ambushed the Mexican troops as the were having a siesta..before they could truly battle the volunteer army led by Houston... they weren't poorly prepared, either.. I think you need to study this battle for independence... perhaps visit the monument. And yes, school children do honor the occasion and our bank in Bosque County held a reception!!
God bless Texas!

Judy Gunn
Whitney, TX

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