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April 17, 2010



I fondly remember the first Earth Day---beautiful
weather in western N.C
I organized a program for the Franklin H.S. student body (800)that was held as the first event in the new Fine Arts Center on campus.
Our theme focused on water as a basic resource. Information from the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory and perspectives on the topic provided by 3 scientists from India visiting Coweeta were shared with the students.
It was fun and students rsponded with good questions.

Jan Okey

Remembering the first Earth Day. Univ. of Cal. worked in an information booth on campus. Made a long skirt to wear - white
birch trees - still have it - still fits. Still wear it. Gaylord Nelson - fantastic. I am a Wisconsin native and circulated nomination papers and worked for him in elections - also Wm. Proxmire..... Both men to be proud of.

Mike D.

Earth Week is still a pretty big deal at our campus. For the past three years I've been showing movies at the local library and having a discussion afterwards. We did An Inconvenient Truth a couple years ago, then The 11th Hour. This year, something a little lighter...No Impact Man.

Lance Barron

You're right, it's still an important day. The generations that follow will build on what's been done.


Gaylord Nelson was ahead of his time with his thinking of the concept of environmental justice. He wanted all the people in the world to have clean water, clean land and clean air. The emphasis here is all people. Nelson died in 2005 so he did enjoy seeing his ideas make great strides in past generations and still carrying on today. Carole

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