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December 29, 2009


Jan Okey

I love the quote by Kurt Vonnegut.........We are all on the same bus. Happy New Year.
Another chance to try and get it right. You
go Dac.


Haven't had time to experience the dead zone with collecting everything for sales and income taxes.
I published my Best Mystery Reads for 2009 as a Listamania. It should be listed on your space for Return of the Texas Ranger. To be fair I made the list alphabetical by author.
Have a great one. Irene


This is a blurred time of the year, especially in Athens. Over half the town is gone. The University staff, faculty and students won't return until Tuesday. The streets are empty, there is no waiting for fine dining. It is so easy to get lost in the emptiness. But I have been rereading my favorite Margaret Frazer historicals. And thinking about writing.


Lindsay, Steve, Tanya and I saw Wicked in Chicago. It was a great play. I never read the book, but Lindsay had and said the play followed the book closely.

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