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December 18, 2009


Billie Wilson

Thanks for the tip. I never quite know how to tell people that the person they ask for is no longer here. I thoroughly enjoy your "on-line" diary. Happy New Year!


Dac Crossley Jr.

I just dont do surveys any more.



A reply to Shirley White: My daughter used to have all kinds of fun giving out strange/wrong answers on survey calls. Even taking those calls is dangerous now as they have so many ways of getting your personal/credit info., etc.

shirley white

Wonder what the record is of them calling deceased persons? My father died in 1962 and in in 1997 he was still getting calls.

PS I have been getting a lot of "survey " calls. How do they know I am giving them the right info??? sw



Funniest part of all was your comment - "I don't know which way she went."

Really made me laugh. I am going to use that next time I get a call asking Punky to donate money to Alumni Assoc or something.

"He is not here and I do not know which way he went."

Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones.



Boy, this thing is working slow it must be the storm coming our way.
You've got me beat though I do laugh everytime I get a tax bill for my father on a farm he sold 10 years before he died in 1985.
I can't even count how many times I've contacted them about the problem. Even went to the court house, did a title search and took it to the accessors office.
Finally gave up and pitch it in the trash that's when you love computer data bases with no delete key.


Yes, scammers and fund raisers are very persistent. Yesterday someone (the same voice) called me at least seven times (total for our two phones) offering us a free trip, absolutely no charge. Too good to be true, so it must have been an excuse to get private information. On the first call I told her that I wasn't interested. She asked why I wouldn't be when there was NO expense on my part. I told her that we don't travel right now. Obviously, she thought if she tried long enough, I'd give in!

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