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January 12, 2009



Elisabet Ney was the inspiration for one of our books [Sculpting the learning organization]. We wrote it in Austin-- taking visits to the museum and learning about her and about sculpting as we wrote. Her sculpture of Lady MacBeth is I believe her finest work.


Talented people continue to amaze me. Just finished a note to a high school friend I haven't seen in 30 years. She lives in Atlanta and has established a career in art for herself.
We're digging in for the coldest dip yet, but several years ago I picked daffodils from a neighbors yard on Valentine's Day.
Good to see you back on line.


When I was teaching the primary gifted (grades K-2) kids, we wrote our own units about local and other well-known "heroes" who might inspire our students. One was Elisabet Ney. I traveled to Austin and toured the museum, taking many pictures to share with the students. The guide was extremely helpful. I left most of the material with the school and the program when I retired; I'm not organized enough to quickly locate my pictures, but it was an extremely interesting day.

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