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November 21, 2008



Congratulations for the return of Texas Ranger and Happy Thanksgiving Dac!



We're off to Tennessee for a "Writer Retreat" have to name it that as we actually live in a resort, which presents a problem when you need to get away. Will get to spend Thanksgiving day with Ford's 7th grade English teacher and her husband.
Good luck with the proofs, Haints went back six times before both sides got it right.
Have a safe trip. Irene & Ford


We'll say a prayer for you at our Thanksgiving table. Have a great time with Mary, and let us know all the neat new facts you discover.


Happy Thanksgiving. We will miss you (and The Menger buffet) this year. Small chance Eric and I will head to San Antone this June for a wedding. Will keep you posted on details in case you want to make a trip out again. You could sell Return of the Texas Ranger!!

Ed Underwood

Happy Thanksgiving, Dac. Have a pleasant, safe trip to Texas. Looking forward to 'Return of the Texas Ranger'. What do they prefer in South Texas, red chilis or green? See you soon.

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