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July 28, 2008



It won't surprise you that I often can't tell the stars from the satellites, except when I notice them moving. We get a good view of both out here, where it's clear and dark and flat. Happy star-gazing, my friend!

Mike Draney

"Pick up the cudgel and swing for the fences" that's a great baseballism! And before we get back to America's corporate sport, maybe you could favor us with a posting on what ought to be America's pastime, baseball!

How about the Texas angle of the aptly named Colt 45's turning into the Astros, moving into air-conditioned but sterile Astrodome, which forced them to invent....Astroturf. I'm not sure if baseball players hate the stuff as much as football players (so many more ACL injuries on the gridiron) but I know I hate the stuff, and there's really no substitute for an outdoor daygame, in Texas or anywhere else.


Mike D.


Oh, such wonders of the heavens to look up for! But 5:30 am is too early for me. I have this wonderful telescope that unfortunately sits in my basement; too many mosquitoes in summer and way too cold in winter. I have but a two week window, in spring and fall to find the perfect night to be outside star gazing, and I always seem to miss it.

However, one of the benefits of being so far north is that I have seen the Aurora Borealis a few times. And I don't need a telescope for that. I haven’t seen it lately. It's probably not as spectacular as it could be; we've only seen it as wavy greenish streaks across the sky.

By the way, I am positive I have seen the Southern Cross from the island of Vieques, just off the coast Puerto Rico. Vieques is just a little more south than the BVI.


Ed Underwood

Dac -
Taking time to star-gaze is a great way to put life in perspective. Perhaps you can settle a long-running point of contention. Can you see the Southern Cross from the Virgin Islands? Friends on vacation in BVI were sure they saw it. The islands are 18 degrees north. Let me know. Thanks for the ever-entertaining blog.

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