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March 06, 2008


Ed Underwood

Great post, Dac. Meet me at Harriette's class on the 25th and read the first few pages of your Alamo book. Maybe from an untold perspective - one of Santa Anna's enlisted men, now a senior NCO, who has been with Santa Anna since they were both teenagers - fighting for Spain, the for the Mexican Emperor, then for the Republic. The inner conflict of being against invidual liberty, then for it, then finally against it. And how this plays opposite the Texans.
Wow! I can smell the cordite and taste the dust already!

Janice Pulliam

Having grown up in Maryland, I only remember Crockett and Bowie, not Travis (although I remember the line in the sand, just didn't know who drew it). I recall them because Disney did shows starring Crockett and Bowie. I can still sing the theme songs. Somehow, seeing it in pictures made it more real. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

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