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March 14, 2008


Ed Underwood

Nice entry, Dac, You mentioned the use of crickets as fish bait. You could have written an entire article about fishing with crickets. One of my all time favorite baits. Especially this time of year when the bream go on the bed.

Dac Crossley

Bob Coulson -- these days, it's only true-false tests...

Robert Coulson

Will this information be on the test?

Liz Blood

So how many genera have you "nuked"? Crickets, earthworms, ....? No wonder they all hide when they hear Dac is in the woods.

Dac Crossley

Paige is probably right -- roaches would survive. Most insects aren't easily sterilized, either.

Paige Cummings

Cool! And next time, test cockroaches. The Pest Guy on TV says they would survive a nuclear attack...but I hope not.

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