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One-Line Bio

Award-winning author of historical fiction about South Texas, Mexican bandits and Texas Rangers on the Rio Grande. Winner of two National Indie Award for 2007 and 2008.


Retired College Professor, now writing fiction, daughter Mary Freeman of the USGS, two stepsons.

A native Texan, I strayed to Kansas to earn my PhD in entomology. Hired at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a young ecologist, studying the effects of radioactive waste disposal, especially on soil insects and mites.

Moved to the University of Georgia in Athens, as part of the Institute of Ecology, I specialized in ecosystem processes, insect ecology and soil ecology. Principal Investigator of the Coweeta and Horseshoe Bend projects, with support by the National Science Foundation.

Retired in 1998, I began writing fiction, inspired by South Texas stories of Rangers and bandits, slow trains and fast horses, gunfights and getaways.


reading, blogging, gardening (when it rains), small music groups (rhythm guitar), curator emeritus of mites in the georgia museum of natural history