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September 21, 2017


celia yeary

Good luck, Dac, with your books and signings.
Take care of yourself...and yes, enjoy that little cabin.

Lesley A. Diehl

The summer here was cold and wet, but fall has been lovely, warm days, cooler nights, lots of hikes in the woods.I have been sharing the sciatica thing with you all summer. I hope the book signing goes well.

Samuel James

For the academics, fall is the time of renewal and new beginnings. we hope that this year, we, if not our students, will finally figure stuff out.

Will be in Athens 9/23-9/30 with Mac. Maybe see you around then.

John Lindermuth

When I was young, autumn was my favorite season. Now I dread it as a prelude to winter. But we're having Indian summer now in Pennsylvania and the only signs of fall are the leaves beginning to color, invasion of the stinkbugs and lots of goldenrod along the pathways.
Feel better, my friend, and best wishes for a successful signing.

shirley white

Hope you continue to feel better. Guess you are doing stretching exercises for the sciatica.
I DO want to read your memories! You report them so well.
Sometimes they jog my own memories of growing up in "early Texas"


In my case my least favorite season is usually Summer when we have 90 to 110 F degrees nearly every day and 90 to almost 100% humidity.

Flowers are great in Spring beginning in January most years through to May

Fall brings the flowers you mention ed in your blog post and the beginning of the leaf change

Best wishes with your ailments

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