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June 26, 2017



Alway fascinating and informative!

Jan Okey

Thanks Dac-
You expand my world. Had never even
considered "butt holes" before.
AND, only 182 days before Christmas !


interesting story.

Oh what might have happened if the Indians had the LONG RIFLES.

Just listened to an Native story called

it is about how the GREAT SPIRIT had forgotten to give animals and humans BUTT HOLES.

and how the GREAT SPIRIT create thousands of different sizes and type of BUTT HOLES, one per animal or human.

Then the GS put them on a long clothes line to to dry.

After they dried the GS told the animals and humans to pick theirs and put them on.

Must more to the story......

last part was about how the dog ended up with the one really meant for the Coyote which is why the dog is the animal so fixated on his butt hole and expressive using it to show when he is happy.

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