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June 20, 2017


Irene Black

I'm learning frontier history I never knew. Please keep send us more.

shirley white

I guess Mackenzie Park in Lubbock was named for him. I never had time to check into that when we lived out there.

I do remember the fun we had watching the prairie dog town

celia yeary

I grew up on the Staked Plains--Levelland---and attended TT...as did my husband earlier than I did. (trivia note--my graduating class from TT was the last group that came under the old name of the school--Texas Technological College. So that's what my diploma said. Another trivia--taking up your time--I didn't even get to go through the ceremonies, either, for that was the night the so-called "double tornado" tore up the west side of Lubbock, and the Coliseum at TT had to be used for refugees. Weeks later, I received my diploma in the mail and a letter from the President that began: "I bestow this degree upon you as a graduate of...."...whatever.
I'll wait for the next installment about Ranald McKenzie.


Well, I hadn't heard that one.. Where did it come from?


was it true that General Custer was not good with numbers?

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