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May 02, 2017


Lesley A. Diehl

Good follow-up regarding after the Alamo. I always either learn something on your blog or you remind me of what I forgot I learned in history class. Thanks.

You must be having spring in Georgia. We has it last week here and now we are back to winter. What happened? We trying to wrap our lilac bushes because we are in for a heavy freeze tonight.


This was a nice blog. I didn't know many of the things you included in it. How many men did Santa Ana have at San Jacinto? Also, I thought most of them were sleeping or resting in their tents at the time of the attack. Finally, is the Yellow Rose (Emily Morgan) story true or only a fable.
Your cousin, Stephen

Irene Black

Good post. Few are ever taught what happened after the Alamo.Thaks, Dac.

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