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March 15, 2017


Chris Antenen

Me, too, Dale -- 13 years programming a mainframe, and all I know now are the buzz-words.
Dac, you just took me away from Lou. Good job getting it right writing as a young woman. Later!

Dale Hoyt

It's also a rural -- urban divide. My father was the only one of my 7 uncles that could fix a car. He kept a '36 Plymouth running throughout WWII. I don't think any of my uncles could even change the oil on theirs. Dad grew up in tiny town on a farm. I grew up in a suburban landscape and wouldn't know how to take care of a horse, let alone pigs or chickens. I do remember going down to the local hardware store with my pockets full of vacuum tubes from our radio to use the tube tester to figure out which one was faulty. (And, later, the same thing for a black & white TV.) But those skills, like harness making, are not required these days. I had a 15 year career as a computer programmer, but 20 years later I don't have the knowledge needed to work in today's internet connected world. That's life!

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