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December 29, 2016


Marja McGraw

I'm going to take a "wait and see" attitude. I've had to prove myself on more than one occasion, and based on experience, I've learned to give things a chance before making up my mind. To be honest, the driverless cars don't make my day. I like to be in control when I'm behind the wheel. Interesting thoughts, Dac.

Jan Okey

Most everyone is wondering what path we're
on. Perhaps people will begin paying more attention what is happening and if they dis-
agree stand up and do/say something. I can
only hope so. Might even get our legislators
actually doing something...do you suppose ?
It's a new year - we shall try to remain optimistic - it allows more creative juices to
flow. Happy New Year Dac

Paige Cummings

The healthcare issue will remain unresolved, and millions will go without healthcare.

The middle class will shrink even more, leaving a top 10% and a bottom 40%.

The PE will bring in his entire family as "unpaid advisors" but who will profit in the billions.

The military will consider a coup.


driverless cars were the cover story on Mechanics Illustrated in the 1950s.

What about road rage?

What about those drivers who drive like they are on a race track?

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