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December 17, 2016


Chris Antenen

I, too remember 42. I've been reading Donna McGinty's book, Girl in a Foxhole. She has used unique ideas in her writing, and of course I remember that period of childhood well.

I've also been thinking "First they came for the Socialists . . . " Is that "A bridge too far . . .?"
It's best I not write on my blog right now, but I'm going to start in January. I can't miss BHO's end of term or the other guy's beginning of term.

I miss the snow, but only to see from the windows and feel it through the walls. It was cold up there where I grew up.

I wish I could go to D.C. for the Million Women March, but I'm afraid that is all in the past now for me. Ashley is going. Also the mother of my grandchildren and her sister. My niece lives in Denver and plans to attend one there. We have to be strong and not let them forget for one minute that women vote. Sorry about that rant.

Have you discovered the TV show Barnyard Builders on the DIY channel, or did I already tell you about it? I do those kinds of repetitions lately! I love to watch it as a diversion from the world of politics.

Hope your holidays are full of joy.


as no doubt 1942 was a scary time

2017 looks scary perhaps

hopefully 340,000,000 will not let the scary leaders do damage to what is still good about our country.

Dale Hoyt

My job at age 3-4 was to mash empty cans flat and put them out on the front stoop with the empty milk bottles. I think the milk man picked them up along with the empty bottles. Sugar, among other foods, was rationed and I was permitted only one level teaspoon to put over my breakfast cereal. My parents and our landlord, Mr. Schmeidler, who lived next door, started a "Victory Garden."

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