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December 01, 2016


Janice Pulliam

Ron had an aunt whose middle name was also V. Just the letter and no period after it. Also, Ron's grandfather was Joe J Pulliam. Just the letter, without a period. That was his middle name. I wonder if it was an old southern tradition from their generation that we've forgotten about.

Luella B. Wheeler-Bell

Did Grandmother Baird live on East Kennedy? Seems I remember that. The Oak table is probably in an antique store.

J. R. Lindermuth

Some memories get richer, the farther back in time they are. We had a gathering of the clans, both sides of our family, and always hosted by my parents. Hard to imagine how they seated everyone. I remember tables in both the kitchen and dining room and another for we kids.

Lesley A. Diehl

Your grandfather had quite a sense of humor. I miss dinners cooked on the old black woodstove. When we wanted to get rid of it, no one was interested in buying it so it was dumped in a ditch in the north field on the farm. I guess it's still there.



Enjoyed your Baird Christmas story.

A few years ago I stopped buying a recently cut tree though I enjoy the smell and look.

Just for me it no longer mades sense and the $40 or was better spent on presents.

I do put out some of my collection of Santa's, some ornaments from Merry and I's annual Wedding Anniversary tradition ornaments (married on Dec 23rd).

Some of those I have hanging on display all year round.

maybe see you on Sunday.

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