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November 14, 2016


Irene Black

Sparse rain since late August. Ground fires burning. Foresters are using leaf blowers to create fire breaks.
Our moon was light cloud covered, maybe tonight will be better.
I'm in Celia's camp. When she was nominated I told my husband "the GOP doesn't have to run anyone-the donkey will win." The adnauseam from the 4th Estate didn't help matters and still doesn't.
Looking forward to reading The Hand of Lou Diamond.
Talk to you after the holidays.

Janice Pulliam

I enjoyed my view of the supermoon this evening, plus the FB photos that friends of friends posted.

Paige Cummings

I just Lou Diamond, and knowing that your grandmother went to a ladies finishing school just like this one makes the story even more special. Her adventures abound with every turn of the page, and I want her to keep having more and more. Good job, old friend!

Celia Yeary

Hi, Dac. Our newly elected leaders definitely need help and guidance. Sad to say, my vote was against a candidate..not for. I don't recall I have every done that before. And surprisingly..my vote went to the winner. I'm stilled stunned, as is most of the country. Others have given various reasonsw why she lost, but I will hold to mine...the country was just sick of the Clintons..both of them.
That said and done with, I'm not comfortable with DT, either. Ugh. What a year. May God save us.
I do love The Hand of Lou Diamond...I believe it is your best book, both the plot and how it was written. Congratulations!

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