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October 04, 2016


Chris Antenen

Our one trip to Helen about 30 years ago was taken on a summer Sunday after Little League Baseball was finished and Wes didn't have his sister to side with him to say, "No Way," because she was in her first year at college. We tried to make it interesting, but there were no horses to ride, and of course no video game arcades, just food and little shops and beautiful scenery. He was usually a 'mannerly' kid, but his statement in the back seat, head on one side and feet propped up on the other, on the way home told it all. He muttered, "This has been the worst day of my life."

He has been forever teased about it and often quoted, but I had to admit, although not to him, it wasn't what it was advertised to be.

However, that was all those years ago. I'm sure it has had many improvements that came along with the slow and hard work to make it a success. Or maybe we were just stupid to take a pre-adolescent boy there!

And, Dac, how can you not like autumn? I look forward to the colorful leaves as much as I look forward to the wisteria blooms in the spring.

As a kid I liked Halowe'en almost as much as Christmas. At our school we got to dress up on that one day, and we made a parade around two blocks, so the whole neighborhood could see us. Then we had all the fall party things at school, candy corn, dunking for apples, and popcorn balls. What great memories!

Janice Pulliam

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the yellow, orange, gold, brown and red (especially maple) leaves. My daddy and mommy would rake the leaves in our front and back yards into big piles, and my brother and friends and I would jump into them. Halloween is fun because I love costumes and candy (especially candy!) My grandmother usually made our costumes. I remember me as a princess, as Little Bo Peep, and as a Visigoth. My brother was a knight (my dad painted his shield with griffons) and Zorro (of course), and a dinosaur. Do you remember buckram? Its stiffness made my tall, pointed princess hat and the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex head possible. My princess costume had a flannel petticoat because of the cold weather. No worries in those days about dangers in the candy. The crisp cold of the mornings and the smell of leaves burning (no longer legal) filled the autumn air. And I haven't even started on Thanksgiving yet. Turkey is my favorite meat, and Daddy carved it with a carving knife and fork handed down in his family. I've always loved my mom's sweet potato casserole with pecans and marshmallows. And my grandmother's cornbread stuffing can't be beat. I make it still to this day. So come on, Fall. I eagerly await you.

Jan Okey

Great history lesson on Helen - No polka music? So sorry to hear that. Just not right.
I love fall - my favorite time of the year . Your perennials are just storing up energy for next
year. They come back - your annuals won't.
We regenerate as well. - Thanks Dac


Great time, Dac!

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