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August 11, 2016


Irene Black

Good post. I wish I knew how to send it to Facebook & Twitter. We see a lot and some of the stuff is coming back around under slightly different names for a new generation.
Election - I'm sort of leaning toward the candiate who keeps his foot in his mouth, at least he isn't reading cue cards.

Jan Okey

Interesting blog. Love it. And
the comments - Born in '36 - WW II - much to remember. - later
civil defense, bomb shelters,
cuban missile crisis, blackouts, rationing, victory gardens , savings bonds etc.
The journey continues - Now politics seems more frightening.

Chris Antenen

Dac, you know I'm not old enough to remember that!

Actually, I remember it as an adult. In the sixties I was deeply emerged in righting the wrongs of segregation after the bill passed. We were living in Florida when JFK was killed, and living with our two little girls in an old house on Morton Avenue in Athens when MLK was killed. I have to think about those years once in a while when I'm sure we haven't moved one step forward.

This election isn't helping!

Happy Autumn!


interesting topic

50 years ago or 1966
I was graduating from College the first time as an architect.

Remember the Bay of Pigs
and the standoff between
JFK and Kruschev

didn't build a bomb shelter
nor did any one I knew then"

we did hold silly drills in school
either ducking under our desks
actually I don't remember actually ever doing that.

We did go down into the basement of the school on AIR RAID Drills.

the talk of disaster never happened in my home or any of my friends' homes that I remember.

I did meet people in Florida after i moved there in 1972 that had built shelters and did see locations of missile silos in Palm Beach county or at least that is what I was told they supposedly were.

Also I heard about the Turnpike having long lines of military vehicles on it heading southward at that time and people a few years older than me being called up to active duty during the scare.

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