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August 08, 2016



enjoyed reading this blog Dac

Interesting quote from BEN F.

John Locke, philosopher often is quoted as saying the "we are born BLANK SLATES an learn all that we learn from birth onward"

During my 40 years of involvement, partial to obsessive with education, teaching and learning I have come across many different beliefs about this point.

C J Jung wrote that we are all the result of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS & COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS and that knowledge may be passed down through electrons in the atmosphere (one of my elementary school academically children in 1976 came up with that concept)

Ellen Valentine

Enjoyed this bit of history about hometown Kingsville.

Janice Pulliam

Funny about wells vs Welles. Someone told me last week about a translation problem with the Bible. He said that often the translators used false cognates---similar to translating pregunta (question) as pregnant. When things don't make sense, it may be the translator's fault.

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