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August 28, 2016


Lesley A. Diehl

I've never had a pineapple pie. It sounds yummy. I want one.


use to help Elmo Brown sometimes with his Detroit News (afternoon) paper route when we were in the 7th and 8th grade but not regularly.

Jan Okey

Love your wonderful stories.
It's a new world ! Thanks, Dac.

Ellen Valentine

I agree with Luella about our childhood in Kingsville. I believe my great-grandchildren are missing "the age of innocence".

Luella B. Wheeler-Bell

I remember WOAI and Larry and Harold.
Nothing is the same in Kingsville so I am sure the Bakery and pineapple pies are long gone. We had a sweet childhood in Kingsville these long years ago.

Janice Pulliam

they make pineapple empanadas out here in SE Arizona and northern Mexico. bet that's about the same thing

Ron Carroll

Loved my after school paper route

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