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July 23, 2015


JL Greger

You demonstrate that scientists can lead interesting lives with lots of involvement in important issues.

William "Hap" Tietjen

How wonderful Dac. Great story. Stan was a most interesting fellow. It was great to experience both of you at ORNL.

Marja McGraw

You continue to amaze me, Dac. Is there anything you haven't done? :) I have a postcard from the original Panama Canal. It shows the two oceans and has two winds, in the form of female faces, kissing where they meet over the canal. It's something I treasure.

Lesley A. Diehl

I always learn something from reading your blog and am usually astounded by your amazing background.

Jan Okey

You never cease to amaze me. You go Dac ! Panama Canal being widened for the
super tankers to use and no nuclear devices were used - at least this time.

Sam James

In declining to go to Panama you missed a great opportunity to experience South American chiggers. I just got over a dose from the environs of Manaus. I had'em in Trinidad as well, back in '90.

Janice Pulliam

funny how bad ideas keep cycling round and round, popping up just when folks are beginning to forget why they rejected them before.

I love that you were the expert after 5 minutes with the encyclopedia! What would they have done without you?

J. R. Lindermuth

I think I'm glad you looked at the encyclopedia and didn't take the money.

Celia Yeary

You are amazing. Here I thought you just studied insects and wrote Westerns. I knew nothing about any of your explanations. The only think I knew about is Oak Ridge and the actual Panama Canal.
Keep it up, Dac. You have so much to teach us.


fun read of history dac... thanks.

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