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April 21, 2015


James R. Callan

I'm thinking meadowlarks, although egrets would like the marshy land near the battle site.

Thanks for reminding us of those "days of yore."

Bill Stroud

Fascinating, as always! A very big THANK YOU!

Dan Hagan

Wow, greetings to my distinguished Herr Professor Dr. DAC, my friend and evolutionary ecologist or should that the revolutionary ecologist), what wonderful pictures you draw with your broad brush and articulate use of the King's English. Thank you for bringing us back to those days of yore, when men were men and horses were transportation, as well as Bradley fighting vehicles, too. What a rich history we do enjoy in our country. Sadly, it is not told often enough! Our youth and most Americans are strangers to the history all around us. Keep on keeping on reminding us of where we come from, and where we've been. Those are VERY important stories of our history.

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