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April 17, 2015


Irene Black

They say we are three faces: Public face, face we show to our friends & family, and the face that we perceive. Does that make everyone have multiple personalities?

Jan Okey

Need more research on 10 gallon hat. Where does this come from ? Some things do not have to be logical to
be interesting and accepted.
Therefore, I just love the
phrase. Blue Ridge is great.
Go Dac.

Sam James

Nobody who has every hoisted a gallon jug would ever mistake a high-crowned hat for a vessel capable of holding ten such jugs. Nobody in employment outside the circus would ever wear a hat with a ten gallon capacity. I suspect the terminology was born of a tendency towards exaggeration, epidemic in the frontier years, well-documented in Texas and elsewhere.



Thanks for the 10 gallon hat story. I can't imagine my donkeys wanting to drink from one either. But then again, I haven't tried. Somehow I missed the scissor tail flycatcher story. The first and only time I saw one was at the Tulsa airport when I went out there for a conference. The pair was using a perimeter fence for a lookout. They are even more impressive in person than in the field guides. But Lord do I know sand spurs all too well from Macon!

Robert Coulson

10 gallons would also be a lot of oats!

Shirley J White

I recognized Hopalong Cassidy
before I read your post. Ah, the good ole days.
Daddy used to have a hat like that, only white.

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